Wednesday, 26 June 2013

My favourite teacher

This year we have new teachers and here they are.
 This is Mr Marks

This is Mr Somerville

This is Miss Garden
I love all my teachers this year but, the one I like the most is Mr Somerville. I like Mr Somerville because he is funny, cool and smart and awesome. I do like my other two teachers but mostly Mr Somerville.

Friday, 21 June 2013

My Fraction Problem

This is a Fraction Problem that I wanted to share with everyone. This video is about how I solve my Fraction Problem. HOPE YOU LIKE & ENJOY IT!!!!!

Thursday, 20 June 2013

My Red & Yellow Maths

Today we have been trying to find out how may Red & Yellow counters are in a bag. We knew there were 5 in there but not how many of each. So we recorded what our teacher was pulling out of the bag each time. We did 50 draws and recorded our results. 

This is the pie chart of our results from the 50 draws. We predicted that there were 3 yellow and 2 red counters in the bag and we were 70% certain. We were correct.

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

My Step by step guide

 How To Stand On A Chair

List Of Material

  • Chair
  • Person
  • Leg
  • Hand


  1. Get a chair
  2. Put your hand on the chair
  3. Bend your leg
  4. Transport your weight to one leg
  5. Put your leg on the chair
  6. Put your other leg on the chair
  7. let your hand go
  8. your on

Thursday, 13 June 2013

My week 3 D.L.O

This is my week 3 D.L.O that I made on Comic Life. I hope you like it and I also hope I gave information about Adelie Penguins.
Please leave a comment after reading and looking.

Sunday, 2 June 2013

My Story About Going to the Kumara Patch

       One day in the holiday, me and my brother, and sisters, and my cousin and my mum and dad went to the Kumara patch at my mums friends Marae. My dad and my brother and my cousin was there for a while then me my sisters and my mum came and joined and started helping them. As we were scratching and digging, my cousin always gets the biggest Kumara and that wasn't fare for us because we find small one and he finds big and massive ones.

        My mum always takes picture of lots of Kumara and big ones as well. During the digging, my cousins decided to come and help us digg so they can take some Kumara home with them. Dangerously I was digging and digging for a very long time on one spot because, I finally found a big one so I digged until it came out.

       We were all having fun because, when we find worms we chuck it at each other then grab water and dirt then put the worm in it. My niece Maria, is so scared of worms so that is my we chuck the worms around. All of us were always laughing at each other because sometimes we do funny things.

       After doing all the Kumara, this Maori white man came and asked for some Kumara so we packed a big tin of it and then told my cousin and brother to take it and bring back our tin. So they went and we were angry because he didn't even help and we gave him some. Later on, my cousins left with a big tin of Kumara and my outher cousin too.