Friday, 21 March 2014

What Empathy Means to me

Empathy means to me,
  • Feeling
  • Understanding peoples feelings
  • Caring how people feel
  • Attitude
  • Non Judgemental Thoughts

What does Empathy mean to me??
Well Empathy means to me Being kind to other people
Caring for other people feelings
Understanding how other people feel
Thinking about their Thoughts instead of judging them

Once, my friend got hit in the eye with a Softball Ball. Her eye was bleeding and she also had a black eye. We took her to the Sick Bay to get her eye checked and it wasn't good. She had to put a Ice Pack on her eye to make better.

Walking to class, she was feeling a bit happy because her friends was with her and she was a bit sore because her eye was hurting. Once we got to class she was feeling a bit better because there we teachers helping her and caring about her.

A few minutes later, she took the Ice Pack off and her eye wasn't bleeding any more and her eye wasn't that black. As I was walking, I could see my friends showing Empathy to her and so I started show Empathy too. We showed her that we care about her and about her feelings. At the end, she was happy that she had her friends with her.

Thursday, 13 March 2014

My Writing Task

Today, I was playing this writing game from my tasks. I was a awesome game because there were 3 story's you can tell in the words that are given to you. The story's that you can on it is a Ghost story, a Romance story or a Spy story. I did all of them because I wanted to test them out.

If you want to play on it, here is the link:

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

My Nephew & Sisters Birthday

Chill'in on Saturday was so awesome because lots of family members came around and it was fun. The sun was shining bright and everyone was having fun. The heat outside was so hot and I could see the sun beaming its yellow lasers at me.

We were having a birthday feed for my nephew and my big sister..... They were both turning 14... My nephew turned 14 one day after my sister turned 14 but we decided to celebrate my sister's birthday on my nephews birthday since it was on a Saturday.

For the birthday, we went to a boxing gym and played there.... The gym was free and it was only my family that were there. All the little kids plus me, were playing with the boxing equipments. Me and my cousin had a little boxing spar and it was so much fun.

My cousin is a boy but I didn't care because I just wanted to fight with him. In the middle of the match, he started to punch my head and then I started to get dizzy!!!!..... I started to get weak but I still fought till the time was finish. At the end of the fight, I was so thirsty and dizzy!!!! His punches were so hard and his step’s were to fast!!!

While I was resting, the next people went on and had a spar..... Then after that spar the next people went on.. It went on and on until the finals came up and everyone was excited to watch people lose.
After all the fights and the finals, we had to go help set the food and then go and eat. The food was so nice and tasty.... The drink that was made was nice too.

Later on, the little kids went back to the gym and started playing again. Some of the big kids were listening to music and playing touch and other games with the balls that we brought.
After all the games and food and that, we decided to go home and rest, take a shower, and sleep.

While we were packing and doing the other things, the kids started running around because they didn't want to go home. I started chasing the little kids so they hop in the car and it was so hard so the big kids got them and put them in.

When we got home, I straight went into the shower and had a shower them went to sleep.
The End!!!

Tuesday, 4 March 2014


Brainook is a awesome maths game thing that you can do your maths on. It has a lot of cool maths strategy's and games on it. You should try it because it is so much fun.... You can learn more about maths and more strategy's. On Bainook, there is new maths things and there is also reading and writing things too.

Swagger's Partnership Movie

This is a movie that my group SWAGGER'S did..... It is about PARTNERSHIP.
It was made on a Ipad and posted on an Ipad.
Hope you enjoy!!!!!

LIght's, Camera, Action

Last week, my class were doing some camera things. We were doing filming, when my teacher gave us a link to go on. We had to try the link before we film so our movies could be better. So we went to our Net-Books and tried the link he gave us. We looked what was it and it was a film school tutor thing. It was cool because we learnt more things about filming and we also learnt new shots.
On the link, there were a lot of cool things on there...... You even get to make your own movie on it. It is so much fun.
Here is the link.... Just if you want to try it..... You should try it.