Friday, 27 April 2012

Melted Crayon Story

Yesterday was an amazing and incredible day for my class because we got to make a picture that matches our topic for this term. The name of your term is ART ALIVE!!!!.

First we got a Canvas and a medium box of crayons from my teacher. Our job was to glue the crayons in order from light to dark, but as we say, warm to cold, onto a piece of cardboard. Gluing the colourful crayons onto the cardboard was a bit hard because the crayons that we used were skinny.

Painting the stencil was easy but it could have been hard for me to do. It was kind of fun when I was painting it because I got paint on my hands. While I was painting the rest of the parts Miss King came by and said to me “Good job painting it carefully Jennifer” and after she said that I laughed.

Finally my group got to melt the crayons with a hair dryer. It was cool but I had to hold the cardboard because when the crayons were melting they were getting very hot. It was also amazing because the colourful blending colours were dripping down and they hardened very quickly.

Our artwork looked awesome and fantastic at the end. The dripping lines of crayon looked so cool 

and amazing.