Wednesday, 30 October 2013

My reading activite story about Lamb

Snow Doze
Weather Batter's Young!!
Southern sheep farmers are looking for a change in the weather to prevent more lamb deaths. During this winter the weather has been so bad that many of the animal for example Lamb are dying.

They are dying because the weather is so tough and they have less sheep wool to keep them warm and safe. They also need shelter and blankets. 

The Lambs can die in snow because the snow is so freezing cold for them. It is very sad because they are dying young and small. Their life is so short for them because of the bad weather. 

The weather makes them freeze to death and cry. They can't survive these harsh conditions because they are to small and young.

Lambs are so cute and lovely, that is why I don't want them to die when they are young. 

Saturday, 26 October 2013

Saturday Dance

     After having a rest, it was nearly 6:00 so we got change and got everything ready. I was so happy because we were going to my grandma's church to dance for her and the church. Me and my sister was dancing and we were so nervous and shy because there were people that I didn't know. It was time to go so we drove to G.I (Glen Innes) to my grandma's house to pick her up. When we got there, we ran and kissed her and my grandpa. 

     They were so happy to see me and my sister..... They were also proud of us because we are dancing for them. The church dance was almost starting so we quickly went and help my grandparents and then went to the car and drove to the church. We got to the church and there were a lot of cars and there were also a lot of people.

     We walked inside and it was a bit noisy so my mum said to go to the toilet with the dance clothes so we went. I asked my mum "when is it our turn to dance" and she said "you are up first.... "I did not know that we were going first mum" But you are so hurry up before you start." So we hurried and while that was happening we could here people dancing and singing. 

     While we were hurrying, I felt freezing cold because the toilet was outside. We were all finished getting changed so my mum went to the D.J and gave him this C.D that had the song on it. It was time to walk in the hall and dance so we started walking to the door. I was so nervous like my sister. We were in the middle of our dance when people started to stand up and give us money, sing and dance.

     It was so fun and cold at the same time but, it was cool and awesome too. After the dance, we left home because we were cold and tired. So we left and went home and slept. 


Thursday, 24 October 2013

A Foal Is Born

Once there was a horse named Del, she had a baby foal. Del's owner names were Helen & Michael and they had a son named Ryan. 

Ryan couldn't wait to see the foal. When Ryan asked, his mum replied, "The Foal is going to be born any day this week" . The next day when Ryan woke up he saw his mum down in the horse paddock. Ryan walked out to see his mum and there was a new Foal lying close to Del.

Ryan's dad Michael, said "It is a filly". "She has just been born" "Am I aloud to stroke her before I go to school?" Ryan asked excitedly. His Dad replied, "It is to soon. Del need's to have some time to get used to her baby. But, you can look through the binoculars." So, Ryan looked across the paddock through the binoculars.

While he was looking he saw this white sac bag sort of thing hanging on one half of the foal. She foal was shaking her head as if she was trying to get it off her. "That's the sac that protected her when she was inside her mother" said the dad.

Ryan watched as the foal tried to stand up on her long, wobbly
legs. "It is time for school now Ryan" yelled Michael. "When you get home Ryan you'll be able to touch her and talk to her." While Ryan was at school, his mum fed Del and gave her some water to drink. Soon, the foal was steady on her feet and she was starting to look for a feed.

When she finished drinking from her mother, the foal flopped down on the ground for a rest. Now it was time for Helen to get the foal used to getting touched. She knelt next to the foal and rubbed her hands all over her. She even put her finger's inside of the foals ear's and mouth. Helen tapped on the front and bottom of the foal's feet.

It is just like how the farrier would do when he puts shoes on her feet for the first time. Helen also put a leading rope around the foal to let her get used to the feeling of it. When Ryan got home from school, the foal was sitting on the grass relaxing. "Ryan come up behind her first" said Helen, "Just to make sure that Del doesn't mind you being next to her baby."

Del looked up from eating her grass and saw Ryan but then she looked back down and started eating grass again. So, then Ryan moved and moved up closer to the baby.
"What is her name mum?" Ryan asked.
"Her name is Dosti," the mum said.
"O well hello Dosti" said Ryan while stroking her soft coat.

Now it was time to measure Dosti's height. Ryan held up the measuring stick, but Dosti decided she didn't like the look of it, and she wouldn't stand still. In the end, Helen had to hold Dosti still so Ryan can move the stick next to her. She didn't like that much, either! "Ten hands," said mum.

It was the next day and the vet came to check Dosti and Del. She put her stethoscope on and listened to Dosti's heartbeat. Then after that she took a sample of Dosti's blood to check that she was getting enough Antibodies from Del's milk. Antibodies are special substances in the blood that help the body to fight off infections.

The vet said that both Dosti and Del are healthey and clean. "She'll grow up to be a tall bay mare," she said. "Just like her mum," said Ryan.

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

My Narrative Story

It was a hot summer in Asia where people were planting rice in fields. The owner of the fields was named George. George was a nice and helpful man especially to the children and the workers. It was so hot that the workers were starting to get mad and angry at the owner. The worker's were getting slower and slower, and angrier and angrier because the owner wasn’t helping them anymore.

The worker’s would fill 11 field’s with rice. They wouldn’t miss any spot’s or leave any space’s. Faster and faster the worker’s got and faster and faster the rice’s grew. After a few weeks of work, the worker’s got slower and weaker, and the rice’s dyed quicker and quicker of course.

George was getting angrier and meaner than before because the worker’s were getting slower and the rice was dying faster. Worker’s were getting sunburn’s from the sun because, they weren’t get any shelter through the summer. They could only get shelter in the dark but, they couldn’t in the sun.

Because of the owner, people were starting to leave to another country where it is much breezier and colder. There were less people working on the rice planting, that the owner got very angry and yelled at the worker’s to plant faster and was pushing them to work harder.

The owner got kinder and the amount of workers grew and grew until all the rice was fine.

The End

Monday, 14 October 2013

Church Bingo

     Saturday is one of the best day's of the week because that is when all the fun things happen. So on Saturday, I went shopping with my mum, my sister and, my cousin and his wife and his son. We went shopping at Mangere Town Centre then after that we went home and got some stuff then left.

     We drove to G.I (Glenn Innes) to go church for Bingo. We arrived and there were a lot of car's and then we walked and saw people lining up to get their Bingo paper's and Bingo Marker's. Suddenly, it was time to sit down and start our Bingo.

     This man was calling out the number's that we have to find on our paper. There were about 5 or 6 pages of Bingo. It took a very long time so me and my sister went to the car and stayed there for a while then we hopped out and went back. they were on there second to last page.

     When they were on the last Bingo page, my cousin and law gave her Bingo paper to me to do while she tells me the number's that the man is calling out. We almost won until this lady called out "yes I have one" so we lost. I said "What a waste of money and time man" then my cousin and law started laughing with my mum.

     So we talked with some people and ate then we walked to our car and ate there. After that we drove home and had a rest.