Thursday, 29 May 2014

Science Road Show Photos

 Here is some photos from the Science Road Show!!!

Science Road Show

The Science Road Show
O.M.G (Oh My Gosh).... It was awesome at the Science Road Show!!! It had lots of fun projects to play with and there were some explosion things too.

What is a Science Road Show?? 
Well a Science Road Show is when you look at scientific things and projects. There are cool things and awesome things. In the Science Road Show, they tell you about things and they do explosive stuff. It is crazy cool. 

What did we do??
Once we got there, a man came and his name is Shane. He told us to come in the hall and sit down on the seats... (By the way, It happened at Tamaki College.) When we sat down, there were 2 presenters standing there. There names were Ted and Anna...

What were they talking about??
On the first show, they were talking about our body's, oxygen explosions and science stuff. Ted and Anna showed us what happens to our food when it is in our body and what it turns into when it comes out of our body.... They also told us about a plants life and how they grow and more.

Another thing they were talking about was how our muscles work and our heights. Afterwards, we started looking around, looking at the projects, how they made it and how it works. There was a quiz thing that some of us tried.... It was tasting the 5 different Honey's and guess which one it is. I got all of the Honey guess's right.

There is another activity that people were playing... It was the big piano that you can play with your feet and your hands. Meanwhile people were playing that, other people were stamping letters onto these plastic things and they were also playing with the other projects and things.

After looking at all the projects, we had to go and sit down. When we went to sit down, we saw another school.... It was Glen Taylor Intermediate. They were the school after us at the Science Road Show.

On the second show, they were talking about flame, air and that. They blew up 2 balloons. The first once was loud and you can feel the ground shake, and the second one was powerfully loud and you could feel the air hit you when it popped.
That was my favourite part of the Show!!!....

Sadly after all that awesome, crazy and mad stuff, we had to go back to school.

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

What I learnt about SOUND!!

I played these games that are about sound!! It had instruments in it. What you had to do is match the sound waves and you have to made the same sound. You have to change the pitch to make the same sound as they give you.

It is easy but sometimes annoying when you keep getting the wrong note.

I learnt how to change the notes and make them higher and lower on the guitar. I learnt that on a pipe it is not about the width it is about the length. I also learnt how to tune a guitar and a bongo.

If you want to play the games, here are the links
1st: Sound & Instrument exploration
2nd: Making Music Match the sound

Monday, 12 May 2014

My Goal for this Term

Managing Myself
I am going talk about Managing Myself because sometimes I need to Manage
Managing Myself means keeping on task and doing the right things @ the right time with the right attitude. It also means, Taking charge of your self and listening to what the teacher tell you to do.

Lately, I haven’t been on the right things and at the right times. Sometimes in school, I haven’t been using the right attitude around people and to people. I think I need to change my attitude in class.

I sometimes be naughty and bad in all the subjects in class. When i'm bad, I sometimes get taken to my principal and then I hear the teachers saying that this is not me and they were shocked when they heard about me.

I hate having to go to my principal's office and I hate being bad and mean but sometimes it just happens.

That is my goal for this term!!!


Today, we had our first Badminton session….. It was awesome!!! We had a lot of fun and I mostly had a lot of fun because it was my first time playing Badminton. It was a bit tricky but I got it after all.

Once we got to the hall, we sat down and waited for our instructor to talk to us. He spoke and told us his name…. His name is Robby!!! After that, he told us the rules and then he handed out the Rackets and the Shuttlecocks. While we were holding our Rackets and Shuttlecock, he showed us 2 moves…. The moves were called Forehand and Back Hand!!!!.

We began playing with the moves he showed us and then after that, he told us to get a partner. My partner was one of my best friends Hannah. we played this game and this is how you play it…. So you and your partner stands across from each other, then you start playing and see whose partner is the last one standing. But you are competing with the other players too.

We played it a couple of times then we stopped. After all the fun, we returned the Rackets and Shuttlecocks back to Robby and said “good bye” and “see you next week” then we left.

We had an awesome day at Badminton and we can’t wait to go back next week.

Friday, 9 May 2014

Immersion Assembly

I cant believe that it is the first day of TERM 2.... I cant wait to see my friends at school!!!! I'm so excited..

On my way to school, I was so excited because I haven’t seen my friends in 2 weeks + 2 days.
At school, I couldn't hold it in any more so I went looking for my friends and once I found them, I gave them a big hug. “OHHH NNNOOO!!! Its is nearly time for Immersion Assembly!!!!” I moaned.

Running into the hall, I saw my class sitting down so I ran and sat down on the spare chair that was next to my friends. As I sat down, they started hugging me and they were so excited that I was there. Once I was on my seat, they started Assembly.

I couldn’t wait to see what we were learning about and I also couldn't wait to see the Teams perform what they are learning this term.
It started and my principal told us our topic for this term. The topic is “I LIKE TO MOVE IT MOVE IT!!!!.” After he said that, he introduced team 1 on to the stage.

Team 1
One of the team 1 teachers stood up and said that instead of performing they are going to show a movie. The movie was them at the zoo looking at some animals. It was a cool movie because there were animal statues & animals on their movie. The animal i liked on the movie was the giraffe because I liked how it came out of its house.
After the movie, it was time for team 2

Team 2
Team 2’s theme was Flying. Their theme song was Those magnificent men in the flying machines. When the team 2 teachers came on the stage, two of them had planes on them, one of them was a pilot and one was a Fairy with a wand. They were dancing and there was a video playing behind them. Suddenly, they stopped dancing and froze. When they froze, the fairy used her powers to unfreeze them and it worked.
Then it was team 3

Team 3
The theme that team 3 did was colours. The colours that were there was blue, orange, pink, purple, green. They were waving around and moving around too. I liked the colours that they used. Do you want to know what my favourite colour was…. Blue!!!. My favourite part in their performance was how Mr Jacobson was wearing a Green cat and all the colours got under it except for the Green colour.

Team 4
This term, team 4 is learning about how to float and how to sink and more things that you do in the water. The teachers in team 4 were wearing things that you would when you go out into the sea. Their item was cool because they had videos to show and had prizes to win. It was awesome!!!

Team 5
Team 5 is my team!!! what we are learning this term is sound. We are learning about how sound works, how to make sound, how to make sound high and how to make sound low. Team 5’s teachers made instruments and they also made a video of them playing instruments. There were lots of instruments they were playing……

After all those teams performed their items, my principal talked about more thing and after that we went to class and enjoyed the rest of our day.