Thursday, 11 December 2014

Tech (Technology)

This whole year was so amazing because we did technology (tech). We take tech (technology) at Tamaki College. Tamaki College is a school/college in G.I (Glen Innes). It is the only college in our cluster.
The days my school goes to tech are Tuesdays and Thursdays. All the year 7’s from my school goes on Tuesdays and the year 8’s go on Thursdays.

The subjects at tech are Cooking, Graphics, and Hard Materials. The teachers for the subjects are Mrs Heka (Cooking), Mr Pineda (Graphics), and Mr Grundy (Hard Materials). All the subjects at tech are fun and cool because you get to make stuff in all 3 subjects.

My first subject at tech was Graphics, then Hard Materials and lucky last was COOKING! I saved the best for last because cooking is like my favourite home thing to do.
In Graphics, Mr Pineda taught us how to draw, how to be artistic, how to colour properly, and what lines are like and how to draw lines properly.
Hard Materials was pretty hard because we had to do a lot of adult stuff. In Hard Materials, we got to make aluminium stuff. The stuff was actually necklaces for somebody special. We had to saw, sandpaper, cut, measure and more. It was pretty hard but it was worth it because at the end we made a Taonga (Gift).
Cooking is so cool. Why? Because we got to COOK! What you do in cooking is cook, make mixture, and more. It is so fun because the teacher (Mrs Heka) is funny and chill.

My favourite subject at tech is Cooking because at cooking me and my friends (Keis), were her best and favourite students. Why? Because we do stuff that she doesn’t tell us to do, we sweep the floor better because we sweep the whole room plus the little rooms, we listen so much…

Tbh (To Be Honest), but I will miss doing Tech because i will miss the teachers and the fun stuff we get to do. I can’t wait until next year because we get to do it again. YAY!

Here are some links to our Tech subjects
Tamaki College
Cooking - Mrs Heka
Hard Materials - Mr Grundy
Graphics - Mr Pineda
(Don't have one anymore)

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Future Aspiration 2

So excited, I heard that we are having another Future Aspiration. I couldn't keep in the excitement because I know that we had Future Aspiration before but I was excited to meet the new people that was going to speak to us.

Future Aspiration is a thing where special visitors come and talk about what they do. They come to inspire and to help us through life. They come to help you reach your goal and stuff. It is really amazing what they can do to change your life.

When they arrived, I was so enthusiastic because I couldn't wait to meet the new people. The names of the speakers were Anthony Samuels, Paula Fakalata and Amelia. Andrew Patterson was the host for the whole thing and he knew the people so he introduced them to us.

About them:
Andrew Patterson:
He is a radio person. He works for himself. He was the host and he was the introducer for the visitors.

Anthony Samuels:
Anthony Samuels talked about how he was a actor and then became a producer on What Now for 10 years.
He is a father of 4 boys and has a wife whose name is Shannon.

Paula Fakalata:
Paula Fakalata, he was so funny that my laughing tears started dripping out of my eyes. He encourages kids to do what they want to do. And to be opportunity hungry.

Amelia: She is a Fashion designer… Well, she is studying Fashion. The school she went to is called mount roskill and the university she goes to is AUT (Auckland University of Technology)

The person that inspired me the most was Paula Fakalata because of the things he was talking about. My favourite thing that he told us was the story about when he nearly died.

What he said can help me through life and it really encourages me to do more stuff in life too.