Thursday, 27 February 2014

Maths Whizz

Everyday, my class does Maths Whizz. We do 15 minutes each day Maths Whizz is so awesome because you get to do activitys and earn credits. 
With your credits you can buy animals and games at the Whizz Shop

Multiplication in Parts - Larger numbers - (1 digit x3 digit) - Maths

This is my presentation about my maths D.L.O (Digit Learning Object.)

Thursday, 20 February 2014

My Explanation Writing

I am explaining how I get ready for school every morning…...
How do I get ready for school in the morning??
Well every morning,  I get woken up to get ready. I get woken up by my grandparents but mostly my Grandma. I get woken up at 7:30 which is very early because my school doesn’t start until 8:30. I get up
at 7:30 because I get more time to get extra things.

I begin my day by having a nice and warm shower. After that I begin putting my school uniform and doing my hair. Every time i'm in the middle of getting ready I hear my grandparents calling me to come and have breakfast. So, I hurry and do my hair and uniform so I can go and have breakfast.
Later after having breakfast, I ask my Grandma if she could do a prayer before I start walking to school.
When I have reached school, I have a few minute’s before school time. When school starts my teacher start’s marking the roll then we begin our first lesson.

That is how and what I do when I get ready for school.

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

My favourite activity Today

Today we were learning about film making. My teacher gave us a link that led to a film making activity. It is like a game because you have to guess what shot do you use.
The awesome thing is that you get to make your own movie with  the shot you know.

This is my favourite activity that I did today
Click on the link and you will see it