Monday, 29 April 2013

My Story about going to my brother's boxing fight.

On the 20 of April 2013 my family went to see my brother's boxing fight. It happened at Mt Eden. It was a very long way from Mangere to Mt Eden. During the ride, me and my sister's were singing the songs from our Rihana CD. When we got there it started pouring rain above of us.

    My dad was waiting outside for us to come and get our tickets to get past the security. The tickets were small, red and shiny. Going to take my seat, boys from my dad gym kept on saying "SUP SNOOPY & SUP SNOPP DOGGY DOGG"  and as they were saying that I was embarrassed because people were looking at me.

    Sitting down and looking at the people, they were starring back at us like they don't even like us but they haven't met us before. As we were watching the fight, my mum got hungry and told us to go to the  Cafe and the Bakery to get 2 pies and 3 cans of drinks. We got the money and walked up the stairs to the Cafe & the Bakery and them then came back and sat down and ate.

     When we were walking to go and sit down, people that were sitting next to the door to go to the Bakery, they kept on starring at us. Dangerously when my little sister went to sit down, she fell and almost tipped her drink on the floor in front of everyone. As we were watching it was time for my friend Megan to fight. She walked to the training room, got changed then went to the ring to have a fight.

     I was so excited and couldn't wait to see her fight because she looks cool when she is fighting. While my friend Megan was fighting, I heard people shouting out to Megan and saying :GO MEGAN GO MEGAN" so I just copied them and started cheering. After her fight it was a 10 minute brake so, my mum said to go and 3 cans again and 3 packets of medium Bluebird chips so I went and came back.

     While we were eating, my mum remembered that she brought a can of peanuts. So we at everything but saved some of the can drinks and some of the chips. After that, my mum said to go and get one more can drink...... When I came back my chips was almost finished because my mum and my big sister ate it.

     It was time for my brothers fight..... I couldn't wait to see him fight. During the fight, me my mum, my little sister, my big sister, my brother and my dad were yelling crazy and saying "GO ERIC". After my brother fight, me, my mum, my sisters, my brother and my cousin was leaving because we were tired.

      We asked my brother Eric if he wants to go and he said he wants to stay and check if he is going to China. So we left home but first we went and got Chicken Nibbles. We went home and ate it then we went and dropped my cousin off to his house. After that we went home and took a sleep.

I had a lot of fun at my brothers fight. The END

Thursday, 25 April 2013

My Story About my cousins coming back from Tonga

On Saturday 13 of April, my cousins just came back from Tongan. There names are Sabrina & Windy...... Sabrina is 7 and Windy is 5. First I missed them and then I couldn't wait to see them. I was so excited to see them so I went upstairs to my big sister and sat there and listen to music.

   All of a sudden I heard my cousin Paula talking to my little sister so that mean't that my cousins are here. I ran down stairs and started hugging them crazy. They looked so beautiful and tall once I looked at them. Suddenly I saw that they disappeared with my little sister to the park at my street.

   I was so worried that they must have ran away somewhere that we cant find them. My uncle (Which is there dad) he was so worried because when he called there names they did not answer back to him. So he asked us where they were and we said that they are at h park playing with Lisa (My sister).

   Some how my cousin Paula got angry about something and told us to call them in. When they came in my mum called them and told them to come and get change. My mum changed there t-shirt to a tongan t-shirt that said Princess on it then she changed there pants to black tights. They looked so so pretty after they got changed.

   I really enjoyed seeing my cousins and I also had a great time with them.

Thursday, 18 April 2013

My Xtramath Result

This is how much questions I got right on Xtramaths.  56 smiley faces

Monday, 15 April 2013

My Last Omaru Creek Result of the Omaru Creek Smell.

Here is my lucky last result of Omaru Creek and this one is about how Omaru Creek smells.
Made from Comic Life.

My second Omaru Creek result of the Omaru Creek water.

Here is my second Omaru Creek result I made but it is about the water.
Made from Comic Life.

My Omaru Creek Result of the Omaru creek.

This is a Omaru creek result that I have made after coming back from Omaru creek.
I made it from Comic Life.