Wednesday, 24 October 2012

A Sunny Day At The Beach

A sunny day arrived on a great Saturday morning when my mum said to us “Kids pack your stuff because we are going to the beach today and you Eric, can bring all the boys from the gym.” Then my brother was saying “Yea Yea.Thank you mum”.

As we were getting ready, my mum went and packed up her things with my dad. We were off, on our way to the beach just me, my mum and my dad and the rest of the family and last of all the boys from the gym.

Finally arriving at the beach, we all ran with our things to a perfect spot that we could relax on so we did and it was under a gigantic tree. We unpacked all our gear and things and ran to the sand with a volleyball net and a volleyball to play with.

Some of us went to jump in the water instead of playing volleyball and some of us played volleyball instead of jumping in the water.

We were all hungry and thirsty but but lucky that we brought food for us to eat.During our playing time my mum came and said “Kids it’s eating time” so we ran fast and had a race to see who gets there first and it was my big brother.

After all that eating we ran down to the beach again .There was a big enormous rock there so we decided to jump off it and make a big bomb so the water can splash at people. So we went on top and did it and it was fun until one boy from the gym came to jump and his name is Kaytel. Kaytel went to jump and as he jumped a Sting-ray came and stung him on his bottom. “AAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWEEEEEEEEE, something stung my bottom”
Everyone laughed.

Friday, 19 October 2012

Going to get ready for Trick Or Treating, me and my cousin Paula had to share the same bucket because we did not know that he would be here for a holiday.
I was dressed as a crazy clown with a red dress, a red nose and last of all a rainbow afro and my cousin was dressed as a super ninja. As we went our way we came to a house with creepy Halloween things outside their house.We went on and on until our bucket was full.
Arriving back home, we looked at the lollies. My cousin just took the bucket from me. He said “It’s my lollies”“no its not they are mine too” I said in an angry voice. I took it away from him and he was still holding on to it and the bucket broke in half and the lollies fell down. I really hate sharing.

Thursday, 18 October 2012

The Witches

My big sister meet a witch when she was playing in our front yard.The witch said “Hello little girl come over here and I will give you a little treat”....... so, my sister went to her and the witch actually was tricking her and my sister felt for it so bad.As my sister went to her, the witch she straight away grabbed her and disappeared so fast......It was like she just span and disappeared like a light.Inside my house we were getting ready to eat so my mu said “Go call your sister from outside to come and eat” so I went outside to call and she was gone.Running so fast inside,I almost tripped over and fell but, I went to fall when my big brother catches me.I went to my mum and said “Mum she is gone.She is not outside in that backyard”.......Then my mum said “What she is gone” “Yea” I said.  “I think some of the kidnappers came and took her or witch” I said then my mum said that is impossible a witch”.... I said “Yea a witch” “honestly some kidnappers...hahahahahahaha” my mum said.I said “It’s not funny mum i’m serious about this”.

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

The Flood

In Tokyo there was a flood. Tokyo is one of the perfect city in Japan right....But not so perfect
In Tokyo, the kids and parents didn’t  know that there is a flood heading their way. There were parents that were worried about important things in their houses so, they started putting them up high so it doesn’t get wet. Mum was shouting “come and help me you lazy kids.”

Tom is 10 years old and he lives in Tokyo too. His parent and himself was the first ones to know the flood was going to them. Tom likes to jump in waters like the pools and the beaches.

As Tom jumped into the water, he was happy, but as soon as he hit the water his heart was beating so quickly he wanted to get out because he was embarrassed people was teasing him and calling him names. He felt two hands lifting him up and it was his mum. Looking so angry his mum and took him inside as quick as she can so she can help him.

They made it into the house and mum was so angry so she growled him.

Monday, 15 October 2012