Friday, 20 June 2014

Year 7 & 8 Social

Last Thursday, the yr 7 & 8 planned a social. It was happening at night..... (6pm - 8:30pm). Everyone was pumped, so excited and couldn't wait to go social. The theme was movie characters.

What is a Social??
Social is like a gathering, little party, a disco, dance and other things that you would like to call it.

During school, I couldn't stop thinking about the social. I even imagined it...(But in my head.) I couldn't wait till the social. At school, the talks were all about the social and the clothes. At morning tea and lunch, every where I go, I would here the word social or things about social..... It was freaking me out and annoying.

"WOW!!!" I said... "The day has gone fast. It is already after school." So I ran to my house, had a shower, chosen my clothes, did my hair and then ate. It was a lot to do. Suddenly, I just started getting hot, nervous and sort of excited. 

Before I left, my grandma did a prayer.. Right near the end, I could here someone calling my name... It was my friend. I forgot to tell you that my friend was picking me up to take me to the social. 
Well back to the story.... Straight after the prayer, I told my grandparents that I was going. Then my grandma asked "Who are you going with??" I said that I was going with my friend and she said.... "Where is she?" I said she was out side then she said "Ok.... have a good time!!!."

So I left and I asked her if she wants to go to the shops and she said yes so we went there before we went to the social. After that, we went to school. We had to hang out first because they hadn't open the hall yet..(Where we were having our social.)

Once we got in, It was dark, lights were shining and music was playing loud. I knew we were going to have a awesome time that night. As I was dancing with the other crew, more people started to show.... Even my cousin and the rest of my friends. While people were dancing, people were buying things like drinks and chips. 

It was wild and crazy in there because people were dancing hard out and having fun. During all the dancing, people were doing dance competitions and singing competitions.
Near the end, we had a slow dance and it was so romantic. People were dancing with each other.... As in people I mean girls and boys as partners.

OOHHH!! I was the end of social. At the end, the whole hall was messy so we had to clean it up and then go home. My mum picked me up and my uncle picked up his son... ( My cousin.)


Monday, 16 June 2014


It was an incredible week last week... Why?? Because we had swimming. Everyone loves swimming right!!
I was so excited to go swimming because I love the water and because I want to learn how to swim properly. I missed out the first day because I couldn't find my togs but the next day, I found them and went to swimming.

Waiting and waiting, I was so pumped and ready for swimming lessons but I had to wait until 3:00pm. It was so frustrating having to wait.... So I watched the time ticking while I was doing my work.

YYAASS!!!... It was time to go swimming. Walking to the swimming pools, I was so excited, couldn't wait to smell the air in the swimming pool and couldn't wait to get into the water. The first pool I went to was the medium pool then, we went to the big pool. the big pool was a bit cold but I was alright with it.

The first thing we did was swimming with little boards. We had to swim with our hands on the top of the board then on the bottom on the board. After that, we swam with no board, we had to swim with our hands behind our ears, swim with our heads down, swim with arm circles, swim sideways and turn to the side and breath if you need to.

Sometimes when I swim I have to quickly breath because I'm not use to hold my breath for that long. While I was swimming I kept on swimming different directions and getting hit by people when they put their hands out.

Later after the lesson, we had free time and me and my friends were playing, tag, swimming race and finding the rings under water. It was hard to play because people some people were not playing and people were in the way.

Unfortunately,  we had to get out 10 mins after that because we were going to be late back to class... So he quickly hopped out and ran to the changing rooms and got change. Luckily I got out of the changing room quick enough before my class leaves.

Friday, 13 June 2014

A.F.L Sport

On Wednesday, last week, my class went to A.F.L for the first time. We also had our second lesson this week on Wednesday.

What is A.F.L??
A.F.L is a sport. It stands for Australian. Football. League. You learn a lot of things and you have a lot of fun too.

What we did:
On the first time, we learnt the 4 rules on Drop punt.
1. Laces away from faces
2. X's up and down
3. Straight hands
4. Toes at the direction you want the ball to go

After that, we played a game and played kicks. The game we played, was a game how long hair people vs the short hair people. I was in the long hair team.
What we had to do was:
1. Kick the ball to the other team and make sure that no one catches it
2. Make sure that it doesn't go into the river
3. Don't go into the river

The game was awesome. Also when we played kicks, it was fun because we got to kick the ball anywhere we wanted it to go.

This week, our instructor was Tim. The lesson we did was the:
1. Ice cream scoop
2. Pirate dance

What you had to do on the Ice cream scoop was
1. Put your palm like a dinner plate
2. Put a ball on it
3. With other hand, grab a ice cream cone squeeze it in your hand
4. Then squash the ice cream onto the ball and the the ball will fly away

What you had to do on Pirate dance was
1. dance like a pirate and ARR like a pirate too
2. Have the ball on one hand
3. Punch your other hand on the ball and the ball will go flying

After all the lessons, we had a game and it was fun. We had to have a partner and the game was a competition. we had to see how many Ice cream scoop and pirate dances we can do without the ball touching the floor.
Everyone was having fun and telling the truth about how many they got.

After all the fun we had, we had to go back to class and have lunch. It was awesome and we can't wait till the next lesson next week.

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Mental Division Problems With Remainders - Maths

This is my presentation that I made for maths. It is a D.L.O!!! (Digital.Learning.Object)
The strategy that I am using in this D.L.O is Solving Mental Division problems with Remainders!!!
Hope you enjoy

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

My Sound D.L.O

This is my Sound presentation... It is also my D.L.O!!! (Digital Learning Object)
Hope you enjoy!!!