Thursday, 28 March 2013

My Pirate story

There was a day where pirate’s started to exist in this world. Currently, ever since the pirates came pirates started to die because of this mean PIRATE.

  “The name is Captain mean pant’s”... She said, the meanest pirate who ever lived. I hate people that are kind but I like people that are mean and vicious. I behave like a horrible person because I spit on peoples faces & mouths, I kill them and I chuck them into the dungeon. I still peoples treasure and put them in the room that is in my ship.

One day I Captain Mean Pant’s went with my pirate crew and versed another pirate crew. The captain for there team was so vicious that he forces people to be a pirate for his team. His people are so scared of him because he is so ugly, horrible, disgusting and mean.

While they were fighting, some of my men went and stole all their treasure at the same time as when the captain came and forte me. I lost the fight against the captain. There captain tied me up with a rope. She the other captain just let me watch her still my gold.

I suddenly shouted, “What do you think you're doing with my gold?” the captain replied and said “Arrr What does it look like fool, i’m still all your gold”. “Noooooo!!!!” I yelled “Stop taking my gold”.Ooooh wait I said in my head, I have my little knife up in my hat. Lucky I just remembered about it so now I can cut the rope while he is not looking.

I grabbed another rope and swung it over that captains head and said, “Stop stealing my treasure”. Later on I dumped him in the dungeon. I got all my gold back and I told all the pirates that was in the other captain team that you have to come and join my team before we chuck  you into the dungeon with your captain.

So they joined and we continued fighting other pirates and stealing their treasure. Then we forte happily ever after.



My camp Presentation

Here is a presentation that I made about my camp at school.Hope you enjoy!!!!

My Boxing Story

My first favourite Olympic sport is boxing because I like having to punch the bag, having to spar, having to lift myself up on the pole, having to run and do exercises before I train. The best thing of all that I like is punching the bag with my brothers gloves on.The thing that I hate about boxing is that after the trainers use the boxing gloves it smells inside because there hands have been sweaty  The other thing that I hate about boxing is that after they use the bottles they just chuck it around the gym and then the little kids have to pick them up and fool them with water and put them away in to the fridge.

I really like boxing because that is my thing.

My Farewell Mrs Verry Story

Farewell Mrs Verry

Last Friday was so cool because we saw Mrs Verry.She came to our school because she was to say hi and see how we are going.As we met her, she was crying and she felt so imosional.

We all met her at the hall when we were having assembly. During assembly, Mr Burt explained to us about why Mrs Verry is leaving.She is leaving because her legs have arthritis. She is retiring and going to have a operation! Really really SAD!!!

In assembly, we were waiting to see Mrs Verry to walk through the door and sit on her princess chair.In the middle of the hall assembly,there was the chair just for her.Mr Burt started playing a Samoan song that we always sing and it is about taking care.

Assembly was awesome because during it Mr Burt said this “Mrs Verry is the queen of bling” and he also said that “Do not give Mrs Verry a bike because the last time she got a bike she rode it and ended up hitting a light pole outside”.

Flying above a bull

John Jackson is 22 years old and he is one of those men that run around and try to get away from the bulls. He lives in New York in the United States and he is also famous. Mr Jackson is married to a beautiful lady who is now Mrs Jackson. John had broken the world record of flying over a bull that was trying to run him over.......He was meant to jump over it but he ended up flying over it and that is how he became more famous than he was before.

As John was flying through the air he was happy and also having fun at the same time.It was funny when John was flying because, he saw the bulling still running around trying to get him.  Flying through the air he could feel the wind blowing through his face. He thought to himself  “I am afraid that I might not land on my feet. Okay now know that I am strong enough to do it right, but I am still freaking out about how I am gonna land”......So, he just waited to see how he is gonna land. He was brave.

Dangerously, John started to dive down, which meant that he was going to land soon. John was really hoping that he would land safely and that he wouldn’t need to go to the hospital. But.... NEK MINUT!!!!!!!........he landed safe and did not break any bones.

John was running around and, jumping around crazy while people were taking the bull out of the stadium. His family came out and celebrated. They said to him that they were going to set up a party at their house just for him. He was so excited and couldn't wait to get his party on.

My Azonto Review

You should check Azonto out, it’s  from Tamaki College.... One of the best school that makes cool movies for the Manaiakalani Film Festival. You can watch other videos too once you check it out. All those movies are also incredibly, awesome and amazing......

This movie is full of people dancing to the music AZONTO!!!!!..... It is a fantastic movie to watch because you can follow the steps and moves and also listen to the song everytime. The song really makes you dance crazy and funny too.

Here is the video from Tamaki Collage video:

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

My Swimming animation

This is my swimming animation of me. Im at G.I pools having swimming lessons.
Hope you like it!!!!!.  
Please leave a comment after watching.

Monday, 25 March 2013

My Omaru Creek Video

This is my movie I made and recorded. It was made for everyone to watch.
Hope you enjoy my movie!!!!!!!.

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

My other videos of camp

Hi here is the rest of the camp group dances

Cooperators from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

Op Stars from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

Synergy from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

The Force from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

True Crew 2013 from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

My group dance from camp

Hey everyone, I enjoyed camp a lot so here is a video of my groups concert.
  Hope you enjoy!!!!!!!!!!

My Rounding & Compensation Movie

JENNIFER'S ROUNDING from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.
This is a math problem I'm learning this week. HOPE YOU ENJOY!!!!!!!

Thursday, 14 March 2013

My short story about camp

Camping is cool right?
Well Pt.England’s year 5 & 6’s had camp from the 13th of March to the 15th of March.
I think you already know my name but I was part of it to and I would like to tell you somethings that I have done at camp and things that I liked.

One of the things me and my group did was, top town. What you had to do was, grab 3 huge square woods and use them to get to your water bombs, then chuck the water bombs at your enemies, then run to the skie board and ski across the lake, then crawl under the tunnel, then try to chuck the gumboot in to the hoop, then try and use the sling shot to shot the tennis balls into the blue tarpaulins, then go back across the equipments.

The game that I mostly liked was playing in the hall with the roller blades and also playing ping pong and basketball. I liked it because, I got to have a time out and do anything. The thing that I liked playing on most was the roller blades because I got to go anywhere. The second and the third was ping pong then basket ball.

I really had a great time BYE!!!!!!!.

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

My 3D Map Movie of Omaru Creek

Hello This is my movie about my 3D Map of Omaru Creek hope you like it.
Can you please comment after you watch my movie.