Wednesday, 10 July 2013

My Arohatia Te Reo Movie

This is my groups Arohatia Te Reo movie for the competition.
Hope you enjoy!!!!.
Please leave some feedback after watching!!!!!.

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

My Antarctica Animation

Hi everyone,
This is a Antarctica animation about Adelie Penguins.

Please leave some feed back after watching!!!!

Monday, 8 July 2013

My little sisters birthday

      I was thinking in my head, " when is my little sister's Birthday.  Suddenly I remember that it was to day (July 1). She was turning 9 year old. Then everyone said "HAPPY BIRTHDAY PATRICIA" and she was happy. (She is the youngest of the 5 kids). She was so happy and excited after everyone said Happy Birthday to her.

       Getting ready, my little sister said to my mum " mum, what are we doing for my birthday" "OOo, well you pick" "okay I want Chinese food with Chicken Nibbles". So we went to the Great Tongs and bought what she wanted then we went to the dairy and got some Fizzy drinks. WE asked our mum if we can buy Ice Blocks so we picked 1 and bought it.

        On the way home we were listening to RIHANA music and playing games. Straight after the car stopped, we all all ran upstairs and got changed then came and ate. Before we ate, we all said again to Patricia, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" and sang the birthday SONG!!!!!!.

        After the big feed, we all ran outside and played big park in my street. I went and played with my BEST FRIEND named METUALOSA!!!!... And she is my next door neighbour. I really had a lot of fun celebrating my little sister's birthday.......