Tuesday, 27 November 2012

My Road Safety Movie

Here is a movie that I also made on HyperStudio. You have to watch it because it looks awesome and incredible

Jennifer's road safty from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

Thank for watch my movie!!!

My Future Toy Movie

Hello everyone her is a movie that I made from HyperStudio. As you can see this movie is about My FUTURE TOY that I invented myself. You can watch my movie every time you want and you can comment on it too and on other ones.

Here is my movie that you can watch

Jennifer's Future Toy from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

Thanks for watching!!!!!!!

Friday, 23 November 2012

My Thank you note

As a student in Manaiakalani, this is a thank you note to all the people that came to Point England school on Thursday 22nd November. I would like to say thank you to my parents and the Minister of Education (Hekia Parata). Hekia Parata, is a lady that helps people plan their future and is an Educated women.

Our school have Netbooks so we can learn lots of new things online. This man named Mr Va'afusuaga, told the whole school about 4 F’s. The 4 F’s is, Family, Friend, Fellowship and Food....

Family is about showing our family things and also things that they don’t know.... Friend is when you corporate with your friends...... Fellowship means connecting together with other people and showing them new things. The lucky last one is Food which means coming together and eating together.

Thursday, 15 November 2012

My 50 Word Story About The Manaiakalani Film Festival

Room 18 "The Test" from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.
Today was MANAIAKALANI FILM FESTIVAL day. Reaching Sylvia Park, we were getting ready to walk to the Hoyts cinema.

The movie I really liked was THE TEST because the looking around made me laugh. I was so interested in that movie that I wanted to watch it again and again.

Click on here to see more Manaiakalani Film Festival movies

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

My Story About Swimming & Triathlon

Room 13 Swimming Term 4 from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

Wednesdays are awesome in my life for a little while because my class gets to go swimming. But this week’s one was different, because we had a little bit of time to go swimming and the rest of the time we went to Triathlon.

Incredibly excited, my teacher was waiting for my class to hurry up and get ready. Hopefully hoping the water wasn’t cold, I gently walked up the stairs then down the stairs into the pool. The water was warm and perfect for me and my friends.

I reached the part where my teacher started teaching us how to save people so when they are lost in sea you can save them like a Lifeguard.
It was finally NOODLE TIME!!!!...only one of the best things about swimming because you get to try to float with it and play with it.
Finally, after all that hard and also fun training, my teacher let us have free time for a little bit. She then told us to get out, but don't get changed because it was our turn for Triathlon.

Walking down to the bottom field, I was freezing cold because I had no more warm water. When I finally got there, I saw that we had 3 activities to do.
As I was sitting and waiting, I found out it was the girls turn to do the activities first.

After Marc spoke to us about the rules, we could start.

I was running and sliding on the water slide. The next activity was bike racing. We had to ride the bike around the field 2 times then run around the field 1 time. I was exhausted! I came first.

The girls turn was over after the run so, I went and took my cousins towel and my towel and made a bed for me to relax on.

Triathlon from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

My Scary Doll Story

Skipping along the snowy alleyway, it was my special Tenth birthday. I decided that I wanted to write my name on the Blackboard (Because if you turn 10, you have to write your name on the blackboard...That is your countries tradition).Since I am now 10 years old, I am aloud to choose was I want to have.

S....A....B....R....I....N....A was what I wrote on the Blackboard.

As soon as I wrote my name, I put the chalk down, took my scarf off from around my mouth and looked at my name....I thought I had written it amazingly PERFECTO!!!!.

Dangerously, I heard a noise behind me like a machine that had just been turned on....So I looked back and recognised a doll.That doll looked the same as me from head to toe, except for the eyes, (the eyes were light blue but my eyes were light green). I touched the window and wiped off the frosty snow so I could see properly.

Just for 1 second I looked down to look at myself, then looked back and the doll wasn’t there. I kept on looking through the window, scanning the shop, until I finally reached the closed door. Hoping that the door was unlocked, I reached out to the door knob and pulled it - (but unluckily for me it was locked). Angry and frustrated, I grabbed a snowball and chucked it at the door then walked away.

Creepily, I heard the door open behind me, so I rushed quickly into the shop to get the doll.The doll was standing on a tabletop staring outside through the window. Walking slowly through the dingy room I gently past all the other dolls. I accidently stepped on a doll that was riding a bicycle.

I picked up the doll and it rode circles around me then headed for the door. Awkwardly, I watched it and it looked like it was trying to escape from this weird room. It was impossible because when I looked back up I saw that my doll was gone.

I searched the room to see where it was gone and I finally saw that it was up high on a shelf that had other dolls with it I gasped. Creepy dolls!!! Happily, it was now time for me to get my doll. I bit off my right glove and reached out so excitingly to grab my doll. I was rushing to get it because I couldn’t wait to play with it....

As soon as I grabbed it’s face, ZAP!!!! ZAP!!!!, I was suddenly in something that I couldn’t move in and my breathing was much heavier than before... I couldn’t smile, couldn't clap or do anything.

Suddenly, the next doll came up from the basement below and it looked just like it was waiting for the next child.

Friday, 2 November 2012

Charlie & The Chocolate Factory

As Charlie walked  back from school starving, he looked into the drain and found a Silver coin inside. He moved some rubbish out of the way, then grabbed the coin and ran to the nearest dairy next to him. Charlie walked in and said “Excuse me, can I have one of Wonka's Chocolate bars” “Well yes what flavour would you like Scrumdidlyumptious” replied the shopkeeper. So the shopkeeper carefully got out one of the Scrumdidlyumptious bars and gave it to Charlie.

Shoving all the pieces of chocolate into his mouth, the shopkeeper told him to slow down because he might get a stomach ache. After Charlie had finished his bar of chocolate, he walked towards the door. But he looked back then walked back to the counter and said “can I have one more bar of chocolate for my grandpa Joe” “Of course you the shopkeeper said “heres a normal bar” and Charlie took it and put it in his bag and walked out.

As Charlie left the shop he saw a crowd of people standing at the newsletter shop jostling to try and get a newsletter. People were talking about the fifth ticket....One of the men that were standing there said “the fifth ticket was a fake and there is still one ticket left floating around somewhere”.

When Charlie heard about the ticket, he went and stood near a garbage bin and he carefully opened the first wrapper. Hopefully and slowly, he opened the last wrapper, peered in and saw the last golden ticket under his bar. Excitedly, little Charlie took out the golden ticket and dropped the bar of chocolate and just started.

Here is a part of the movie that I told you