Monday, 11 February 2013

My Waitangi Day Story

Waitangi Day was amazing and fun day for other people but not for me. Scrumptiously, for my family's Waitangi Day, they had a feed at the Marae. But sadly for me, I stayed at my nanas house just to help them out because I love them with all my heart.

       As I was going to sleep, my lovely big sister came over and told me about what happen at the Marae and 1 of it was about taking her netbook there. Our nieces hogged the netbook as well as our nephews.

      At my grandparents house, my uncle came over and told us about the Tsunami that came on the news. All of the sudden they started talking about things that I didn't know about.
     After all he left, we all had fun and went sleep.

Thank you Meleane for editing my story perfectly!!!!!!!..