Tuesday, 21 May 2013

My Story about my grandmothers pay day

Today, it is my grandmothers pay day. I enjoy going with her because she buys me things and give me money as well. I really can’t wait to go with her after school.

        Sometimes while i’m with her, my older sister always gets more that me and my little sister. I don’t like it when my older sister does that because when she finishes her food she bought, she asks for some of mine of my little sister

        During our shopping, we laugh and talk about things that are funny. Me my big sister, my little sister and my mother always goes shopping with my grandmother. When I go shopping with her today, I am going to buy me some new earrings to wear.

       Once when my grandfather came shopping with us, we lost him because he thought that they sell bikes at the Pak N Save. It was a bit funny because he thought that but a bit tiring because we had to go through the Pak N Save just to look for him. Then we went to my grandmothers house and saw him sitting down on the chair.

Thursday, 16 May 2013

My Will.I.Am Story

Yesterday, a very famous & special person came to my school. He was a person from a band called BLACK EYED PEAS...... It was exciting to see him (which is WILL.I.AM). As he was walking in, everyone started scream and yelling WILL.I.AM........ When he was walking to sit down, people were looking at him while the client, assistant or something was taking pictures and videos of us.

          There were 9 different school at my school. There was ST PIUS, TAMAKI PRIMARY, TAMAKI COLLEGE, TAMAKI INTERMEDIATE, GLEN BRAE and other ones that I don’t remember. We said “WELCOME WILL.I.AM” then he said ”TTTHHHAAANNNKKK YYYOOOUUU”.

          While we were sitting down, we were all listening to what he was talking about. What he was talking about, was about his life before he was famous. He said to us that when he was young, he 
grew up in a very poor place at Los Angeles, California which is East La. His mum raised him and his brothers and sisters by herself.......

          He didn't get to meet his dad and his mum didn’t have a job and they had no money. I felt very sad when he told all of us that. He also said that he was born and raised in housing projects which is like state funding. While he was talking, he told us that he came to see us because he was interested in our learning.

          Before he talked, our Pounamu group performed in front of him from FiaFia night..... Then  came up was the senior Hip Hop group from FiaFia too. During the dance, it looked like he was really enjoying the entertainment. After his talk, he showed us an enormous cheque that was for us and it was 100,000 DOLLARS.

        WILL.I.Am, said that he wants to go back to school to learn more about things that we learn about like computers and other things. When he handed over the big cheque, this man called Mr Snedden went and shaked his hand and also said thanks for the money. After that a woman from Hallenstein Brothers came and said a mihi to him in english and then gave him a Green Stone necklace. It was like a rectangle size and it was pretty.

          Later on it was finished and people started leaving to their classes. My teacher said that if we are lucky,WILL.I.AM  might come to our class and see what we are doing. So a few classes later he came with his crew and my Principal Mr Burt. Some of us tried stay calm and over exciting about him. I really liked his boots. As I looked up at him, he was wearing the Green Stone that he got given.

          When he was looking around, our music teacher Miss Muliaumaseali'i was recording them walking around.As he was looking around the class room, he saw that everyone was working hard and focusing on there work to finish it. He was excited when I looked at his face because he was smiling while he was looking. After looking he left and everyone was yelling out”BYE WILL.I.AM” and then he said bye back to us and went.

           I had a great time seeing him at our school.  

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

My D.L.O (Digital Learning Object)

This is my D.L.O for Whales and I hope you like it. Please leave a short feed back after reading.

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

My Antarctica Sea Graph

Today I learnt that in Antarctica Ocean it gets warmer and warmer the deeper you go. I also found out that on the bottom of the Antarctica Ocean there is coral living and growing there.

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

My Core Sample (Cupcake)

This afternoon I have been learning how to take core sample. We took samples from a cupcake and guessed what the core was. In real life geologist take sample from underneath the land.

Saturday, 4 May 2013

My Story About My Aunty

       On the 15 of may 2013, my aunty came to my nan's house to say good bye because she was leaving to Tonga. We were all sad because she has been here for about 7 years. All those years she's been her, she has been dreaming about her kids & husband at Tonga so that is why she wants to go Tonga.

      When we were talking about what she is going to do when she gets there, my grandpa said to pray about my aunty Ofa when she goes Tonga so we did. So we prayed and after that we ate food and fruit so we don't get hungry as. After that, We said good bye to her so she can go home and pack the rest of her things.

       During the saying good bye thing, we started crying because we will miss her when she leaves. It felt so emotional so all of us started crying. Watching them cry made me cry more and more. While we were crying our tears out. my mum called my aunty to come so they can go home and get her stuff ready for the next day.

       As they were leaving we were still crying and we couldn't stop crying. We were crying for a very long time because we were thinking of the good times that we had with her. We really missed so bad that when we went to sleep we had dreams about her.

       I had a very emotional night and also a very sad night. We were really sad because she was leaving. I did have a great time with her and a really awesome day too.
                           THE END