Wednesday, 16 April 2014

My Revised Empathy Collage

How I made my Empathy Collage
  On the first day of the Empathy Collage, I began by searching for some Empathy photos and some photos of what Empathy means. Then I sent them to my teacher so she print them out for me.

What I needed for my Empathy:
  • My Pictures
  • Pastal
  • Crayons
  • Markers
  • Pencil
  • A big white paper

  • I began by doing a boarder on the outside of my paper
  • Then I started glueing my pictures into the middle
  • After that, I added words on to it
  • Then coloured the background

The pictures that I put on to my Empathy Collage were these:

Why did I put this picture on my Collage??
Well I put this Peace Sign on because people need to know that bullying is just not right.(Sorry, the Peace Sign is upside down)File:Peace symbol.jpg

Why did I put this picture on my Empathy Collage??
I put this one on my Collage because it is showing empathy to people
and people like getting hugs!!!
Now why did I put this photo on my Collage???
Why??, Because the words on it shows how bullying can start. People should begin by stopping bullying instead of starting bully.

Do you want to know why I put this picture on my Collage???
I put this on because this is showing Empathy… How??? because you can see that the lady is giving money to the poor man

These are the pictures of letters that I put on my Empathy Collage
On my Empathy Collage, I put these letters where they are because I wanted the letters to go around in a circle

That is all the pictures and letters that I put on my Empathy Collage.

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

My Fia Fia Story

Fia Fia Night 2014

This term, my whole school participated in our FiaFia. FiaFia is a cultural event that we do every year but some how, this is our last FiaFia we are doing!!. In Fia Fia, there is a lot of culture groups and regular groups you can join. The group I joined was Hip Hop!!!....

Our first FiaFia practice was on week 3….. On our first day of FiaFia practice, it was a bit cool because we got to think of some moves and some songs. The song we picked, is called Identity by Lecrae Featuring Da T.R.U.T.H and J.R!!!. With that song, we added another song and it was Happy by Pharrell Williams… It was like a remix.

We had to split up into groups. Thinking and thinking, I just couldn't find the right moves for the song we picked…. It was frustrating!!!!. Time was running out and my group still had no moves. We were lucky because we had a group that did have some moves. The moves that the group came up with took a few days to get them but we got there….. Some people were still struggling on the moves but they got it after.

Everyday, we had to work hard and think hard to complete the dance…. It was too much for my head to handle!!!. Working hard every minute was a bit hard but we got use to it.

O.M.G!!!! (Oh My Gosh)It was time…. It was the day… It was the night…. It was FiaFia!! Everyone was nervous, scared, shy and also excited!!!! they couldn't wait for the performance at night. The most thing they couldn't wait for is… buying the food that is getting sold on the night.

On the day… We had rehearsal and practice on the stage. It was tiring walking back and forth from my class to the stage on the field. But, is was worth it any ways.
After all the practice and school, we all went home to eat and get ready.

It was a busy day so I took a nap after I had a shower. When I woke up, I was nearly time so I quickly put on my performance clothes and did my hair then I started walking to school.

Once I got to school, I went and found my friends and we went and checked out the food that the people were selling. The food smelt nice and tasted nice too. Once it was 6:30pm, the dancers had to go to their dressing rooms. I went to mine and the rest of the Hip Hop dancers were there too.

When our teachers came, we watched a movie…. The movie was called Are We There Yet!!!. The movie was cool but we could only watch some of the movie because we watched it too late and the time was fast.

It was time for the dance items!!!! I was nervous and had butterflies in my stomach. While we were waiting for our turn, we were playing some hand games, laughing and talking.

It was our turn…. My heart was beating fast and I was so nervous. I was on the stage and my heart was beating properly. While I was dancing I could hear people shouting our my name and encouraging me. I felt happy after my dance and my butterflies went away.

After a few performances, I felt tired so I took a little nap while the other groups performed their dance…. I felt something hit my head and once I opened my eyes, the last group was performing…. Thinking, I was so angry because I slept to long.

Well, the performances were over and the FiaFia night was finished. After all that, I went home and finished off my sleep.


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