Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Future Aspiration

Surprisingly, we (Team 5) had some visitors come to the intermediate block today. They came to inspire us and encourage us to make our own choices and to stick to what we want to do not what your friends want to do. The visitors names were Andrew Patterson, Jason Sharma, Alfred Faireka and Arizona Leger.

About them and what they were talking about:
Andrew Patterson: He is a radio person. He works for himself. The name is Sunday Business with Andrew Patterson.
He talked about how he became a radio person and how it all started. He was also the Host and the introducer to the visitors.

Jason Sharma: He is a first year maths teacher at Tamaki College, he is Samoan and Indian, and he graduated Teach First NZ programme.
He talked about his parents and what he used to do before wanting to be a maths teacher…. He also said why he wanted to be a maths teacher…..

Alfred Faireka: He is a police officer at Auckland G.I!!!.... He is Cook Island and he plays sport. He used to play Rugby League but now he plays Tag (Ripper Rugby). He said that you can travel to return people back to their countries and that you can stay there for a while and check out somethings then come back. He talked to us about what it is like being a police and it sounded pretty. He also told us about the names of the things you can do being a police and the names were
Delta: Going around with the dogs
Eagles: Flying around in circles in a helicopter
Data: Going around in a boat
One of his quotes was “Don’t follow your friends to what their doing.

Arizona Leger: She is a journalist… Well, she is studying journalism. She was the school captain in primary, Head girl at E.G.G.s (Epsom. Girls. Grammar. School). She is a pacifica…. Samoan, Fijian, Tongan and Maori. She is a very talented girl and she also has a lot of energy in her. She talked about how she used to talk a lot in primary, intermediate, college and get in trouble. And she also talked about what happened in those years.

The person that inspired me the most was Arizona Leger because of the things she was talking about. My favorite thing that she talked to us about was the Handie 5!!!. Why?? Because they were good things to do in your life and it was funny too.
The Handie 5!!! were
1 - Tahi - Do the Mahi!! - Do the work!!
2 - Lua - “Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.” ( Dr Seuss)
3 - San (San is in Japanese) - Go have some fun - go enjoy yourself
4 - Brake down the door - Bring out your confidence
5 - Strive to stay alive!! - Thrive to stay alive!!

What she said might help me some day when I get older. To be honest but she is a bit like me because I always talk during class and then I get in trouble and get moved into another desk.


On Wednesday, last week, my class went to A.F.L for the first time. We also had our second lesson this week on Wednesday.

What is A.F.L??
A.F.L is a sport. It stands for Australian. Football. League. You learn a lot of things and you have a lot of fun too.

What we did:
On the first time, we learnt the 4 rules on Drop punt.
1. Laces away from faces
2. X's up and down
3. Straight hands
4. Toes at the direction you want the ball to go

After that, we played a game and played kicks. The game we played, was a game how long hair people vs the short hair people. I was in the long hair team.
What we had to do was:
1. Kick the ball to the other team and make sure that no one catches it
2. Make sure that it doesn't go into the river
3. Don't go into the river

The game was awesome. Also when we played kicks, it was fun because we got to kick the ball anywhere we wanted it to go.

This week, our instructor was Tim. The lesson we did was the:
1. Ice cream scoop
2. Pirate dance

What you had to do on the Ice cream scoop was
1. Put your palm like a dinner plate
2. Put a ball on it
3. With other hand, grab an ice cream cone squeeze it in your hand
4. Then squash the ice cream onto the ball and the the ball will fly away

What you had to do on Pirate dance was
1. dance like a pirate and ARRR like a pirate too
2. Have the ball on one hand
3. Punch your other hand on the ball and the ball will go flying

After all the lessons, we had a game and it was fun. We had to have a partner and the game was a competition. we had to see how many Ice cream scoop and pirate dances we can do without the ball touching the floor.
Everyone was having fun and telling the truth about how many they got.
After all the fun we had, we had to go back to class and have lunch. It was awesome and we can’t wait till the next lesson next week.

Grandma's Birthday

In the holiday, it was my grandma's birthday!!! I never new it was her birthday until the day it happened... When I heard it was her birthday, I was so excited and couldn't wait for it. It was happening on a Sunday, in the afternoon and in a church.

On the day, I was supposed to go church but my mum said to stay and wait until the food was done and the church was set up. My mum was gone to set the the church and do the food. While she was gone, I was cleaning the house with my sisters, watching TV and listening to music. It was fun!!

Finally it was time to get ready and head to the church for the birthday... I quickly got ready because my mum called and said she was on her way. When we got there, It was full and there were a lot of people there. Inside, there were people with instruments on the side of the church.

Searching and searching, I finally found some seats for me and my sisters. This lady was telling us to come and sit down next to her because there were spare seats. I was looking around for my mum then, I finally found it. She was getting my grandma onto the stage so everyone and see her. After that, she was walking to the kitchen to get something... (The kitchen was across our table).

As she was walking back, she saw us and she came and asked us if we were alright and we said yes... Then she left back to my grandma and started talking into the microphone. She was saying things about my grandma (kind things) and she was also the presenter that calls people up to say something.

While they were talking, we began to eat, talk and listen (The food was Tongan traditional food). Sometimes, we would have to stand up and sing a song then sit back down and continue eating. And then the people with instruments, would have to play something and stop. I noticed that the instrument people were getting tired and hungry.

I was looking at these girls that were part of the people, and then they started asking me and my sisters to pass some food to them so they can eat because they are hungry... So we passed them some food and they ate in.

Near the end of the birthday, all the little kids had to come up to the stage and sing a song for my grandma. While we were, I looked at my grandma and she was crying with happy tears.

Sadly it was the end of the day and the birthday was finish and so we all had to go home. But, we had to stay, clean up the mess, clean the dishes and also pull down all the balloons that were put up. It was a lot of work but it was worth the day.


Thursday, 3 July 2014

My Sound Animation

This is my animation about understanding sound. It is about how we hear sound, how does sound work, what is echolocation......
Hope you enjoy!!! please leave some feed back after watching!!!.