Tuesday, 18 December 2012

On Thursday night, the seniors had their prize giving. It was the Yr 5’s to Yr 8’s that had there prize giving at night from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm. We all had fun when it came to dancing with our team.

Lot’s of people got rewards for being good and brainy and all sorts of things. I wished and hoped that I got one reward but, know I didn't all I got was 2 lollies necklaces.

I had a great time at prize giving and I hope other people did too.

Here is a little quick movie of my item.... It is cool..

prize giving item from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

My Perimeter Answers

Here are 4 answers to correct a shape with PERIMETER....

Perimeter tell you how far around the outside of a 2D shape.

Here is a link you can press to play the Perimeter game...

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

My Rotational Colour

Here is a little picture of a ROTATIONAL colour
This is a Rotational colouring shape that I did myself.
Click this Rotational word to create your very own colourful shape.

Can you please comment after you have finished your shape PLEASE!!!.....

My Reflective Shape

Here is a picture of a REFLECTIVE shape
                                                                 1 Part!!
                                                                  2 Part!!
Reflective is the same is Reflection right?.
Well, Reflection means a mirror that is like opposite but not.
Click on this Reflective word to make yourself one.

Can you please comment after you have finished your shape PLEASE!!!.....

My 2012 Manaiakalani Reflection

  • The thing that I did differently now than last year was, thinking more better, having more confidence in myself and having more FUN!!!!.

  • I think my learning is gone better than last year because, I have learned more things this year and thinking about the right thing before I said or wrote it.

  • 2012 has surprised me a lot because we had learn more about IPADS, IMOVIE, NET-BOOKS and other things that were new in my life.

  • I think I would like to make more MOVIES this year because that is one of my favourite things to do.

  • My ULTIMATE!!! goal for 2013 is, thinking more and more better so I can be brainy, talk less on the floor and try my best for my REPORT!!...

  • Having a net-book to me is incredibly awesome because, instead of using books and paper, I can use my net-book. Another thing that I like about my net-book is that I can learn more things on the INTERNET that I haven’t learnt about yet.

  • The best thing that I like about being in Yr 5 is, making more and more MOVIES on the MACS and learning more and more.

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

My Road Safety Movie

Here is a movie that I also made on HyperStudio. You have to watch it because it looks awesome and incredible

Jennifer's road safty from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

Thank for watch my movie!!!

My Future Toy Movie

Hello everyone her is a movie that I made from HyperStudio. As you can see this movie is about My FUTURE TOY that I invented myself. You can watch my movie every time you want and you can comment on it too and on other ones.

Here is my movie that you can watch

Jennifer's Future Toy from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

Thanks for watching!!!!!!!

Friday, 23 November 2012

My Thank you note

As a student in Manaiakalani, this is a thank you note to all the people that came to Point England school on Thursday 22nd November. I would like to say thank you to my parents and the Minister of Education (Hekia Parata). Hekia Parata, is a lady that helps people plan their future and is an Educated women.

Our school have Netbooks so we can learn lots of new things online. This man named Mr Va'afusuaga, told the whole school about 4 F’s. The 4 F’s is, Family, Friend, Fellowship and Food....

Family is about showing our family things and also things that they don’t know.... Friend is when you corporate with your friends...... Fellowship means connecting together with other people and showing them new things. The lucky last one is Food which means coming together and eating together.

Thursday, 15 November 2012

My 50 Word Story About The Manaiakalani Film Festival

Room 18 "The Test" from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.
Today was MANAIAKALANI FILM FESTIVAL day. Reaching Sylvia Park, we were getting ready to walk to the Hoyts cinema.

The movie I really liked was THE TEST because the looking around made me laugh. I was so interested in that movie that I wanted to watch it again and again.

Click on here to see more Manaiakalani Film Festival movies

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

My Story About Swimming & Triathlon

Room 13 Swimming Term 4 from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

Wednesdays are awesome in my life for a little while because my class gets to go swimming. But this week’s one was different, because we had a little bit of time to go swimming and the rest of the time we went to Triathlon.

Incredibly excited, my teacher was waiting for my class to hurry up and get ready. Hopefully hoping the water wasn’t cold, I gently walked up the stairs then down the stairs into the pool. The water was warm and perfect for me and my friends.

I reached the part where my teacher started teaching us how to save people so when they are lost in sea you can save them like a Lifeguard.
It was finally NOODLE TIME!!!!...only one of the best things about swimming because you get to try to float with it and play with it.
Finally, after all that hard and also fun training, my teacher let us have free time for a little bit. She then told us to get out, but don't get changed because it was our turn for Triathlon.

Walking down to the bottom field, I was freezing cold because I had no more warm water. When I finally got there, I saw that we had 3 activities to do.
As I was sitting and waiting, I found out it was the girls turn to do the activities first.

After Marc spoke to us about the rules, we could start.

I was running and sliding on the water slide. The next activity was bike racing. We had to ride the bike around the field 2 times then run around the field 1 time. I was exhausted! I came first.

The girls turn was over after the run so, I went and took my cousins towel and my towel and made a bed for me to relax on.

Triathlon from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

My Scary Doll Story

Skipping along the snowy alleyway, it was my special Tenth birthday. I decided that I wanted to write my name on the Blackboard (Because if you turn 10, you have to write your name on the blackboard...That is your countries tradition).Since I am now 10 years old, I am aloud to choose was I want to have.

S....A....B....R....I....N....A was what I wrote on the Blackboard.

As soon as I wrote my name, I put the chalk down, took my scarf off from around my mouth and looked at my name....I thought I had written it amazingly PERFECTO!!!!.

Dangerously, I heard a noise behind me like a machine that had just been turned on....So I looked back and recognised a doll.That doll looked the same as me from head to toe, except for the eyes, (the eyes were light blue but my eyes were light green). I touched the window and wiped off the frosty snow so I could see properly.

Just for 1 second I looked down to look at myself, then looked back and the doll wasn’t there. I kept on looking through the window, scanning the shop, until I finally reached the closed door. Hoping that the door was unlocked, I reached out to the door knob and pulled it - (but unluckily for me it was locked). Angry and frustrated, I grabbed a snowball and chucked it at the door then walked away.

Creepily, I heard the door open behind me, so I rushed quickly into the shop to get the doll.The doll was standing on a tabletop staring outside through the window. Walking slowly through the dingy room I gently past all the other dolls. I accidently stepped on a doll that was riding a bicycle.

I picked up the doll and it rode circles around me then headed for the door. Awkwardly, I watched it and it looked like it was trying to escape from this weird room. It was impossible because when I looked back up I saw that my doll was gone.

I searched the room to see where it was gone and I finally saw that it was up high on a shelf that had other dolls with it I gasped. Creepy dolls!!! Happily, it was now time for me to get my doll. I bit off my right glove and reached out so excitingly to grab my doll. I was rushing to get it because I couldn’t wait to play with it....

As soon as I grabbed it’s face, ZAP!!!! ZAP!!!!, I was suddenly in something that I couldn’t move in and my breathing was much heavier than before... I couldn’t smile, couldn't clap or do anything.

Suddenly, the next doll came up from the basement below and it looked just like it was waiting for the next child.

Friday, 2 November 2012

Charlie & The Chocolate Factory

As Charlie walked  back from school starving, he looked into the drain and found a Silver coin inside. He moved some rubbish out of the way, then grabbed the coin and ran to the nearest dairy next to him. Charlie walked in and said “Excuse me, can I have one of Wonka's Chocolate bars” “Well yes what flavour would you like Scrumdidlyumptious” replied the shopkeeper. So the shopkeeper carefully got out one of the Scrumdidlyumptious bars and gave it to Charlie.

Shoving all the pieces of chocolate into his mouth, the shopkeeper told him to slow down because he might get a stomach ache. After Charlie had finished his bar of chocolate, he walked towards the door. But he looked back then walked back to the counter and said “can I have one more bar of chocolate for my grandpa Joe” “Of course you the shopkeeper said “heres a normal bar” and Charlie took it and put it in his bag and walked out.

As Charlie left the shop he saw a crowd of people standing at the newsletter shop jostling to try and get a newsletter. People were talking about the fifth ticket....One of the men that were standing there said “the fifth ticket was a fake and there is still one ticket left floating around somewhere”.

When Charlie heard about the ticket, he went and stood near a garbage bin and he carefully opened the first wrapper. Hopefully and slowly, he opened the last wrapper, peered in and saw the last golden ticket under his bar. Excitedly, little Charlie took out the golden ticket and dropped the bar of chocolate and just started.

Here is a part of the movie that I told you

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

A Sunny Day At The Beach

A sunny day arrived on a great Saturday morning when my mum said to us “Kids pack your stuff because we are going to the beach today and you Eric, can bring all the boys from the gym.” Then my brother was saying “Yea Yea.Thank you mum”.

As we were getting ready, my mum went and packed up her things with my dad. We were off, on our way to the beach just me, my mum and my dad and the rest of the family and last of all the boys from the gym.

Finally arriving at the beach, we all ran with our things to a perfect spot that we could relax on so we did and it was under a gigantic tree. We unpacked all our gear and things and ran to the sand with a volleyball net and a volleyball to play with.

Some of us went to jump in the water instead of playing volleyball and some of us played volleyball instead of jumping in the water.

We were all hungry and thirsty but but lucky that we brought food for us to eat.During our playing time my mum came and said “Kids it’s eating time” so we ran fast and had a race to see who gets there first and it was my big brother.

After all that eating we ran down to the beach again .There was a big enormous rock there so we decided to jump off it and make a big bomb so the water can splash at people. So we went on top and did it and it was fun until one boy from the gym came to jump and his name is Kaytel. Kaytel went to jump and as he jumped a Sting-ray came and stung him on his bottom. “AAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWEEEEEEEEE, something stung my bottom”
Everyone laughed.

Friday, 19 October 2012

Going to get ready for Trick Or Treating, me and my cousin Paula had to share the same bucket because we did not know that he would be here for a holiday.
I was dressed as a crazy clown with a red dress, a red nose and last of all a rainbow afro and my cousin was dressed as a super ninja. As we went our way we came to a house with creepy Halloween things outside their house.We went on and on until our bucket was full.
Arriving back home, we looked at the lollies. My cousin just took the bucket from me. He said “It’s my lollies”“no its not they are mine too” I said in an angry voice. I took it away from him and he was still holding on to it and the bucket broke in half and the lollies fell down. I really hate sharing.

Thursday, 18 October 2012

The Witches

My big sister meet a witch when she was playing in our front yard.The witch said “Hello little girl come over here and I will give you a little treat”....... so, my sister went to her and the witch actually was tricking her and my sister felt for it so bad.As my sister went to her, the witch she straight away grabbed her and disappeared so fast......It was like she just span and disappeared like a light.Inside my house we were getting ready to eat so my mu said “Go call your sister from outside to come and eat” so I went outside to call and she was gone.Running so fast inside,I almost tripped over and fell but, I went to fall when my big brother catches me.I went to my mum and said “Mum she is gone.She is not outside in that backyard”.......Then my mum said “What she is gone” “Yea” I said.  “I think some of the kidnappers came and took her or witch” I said then my mum said that is impossible a witch”.... I said “Yea a witch” “honestly some kidnappers...hahahahahahaha” my mum said.I said “It’s not funny mum i’m serious about this”.

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

The Flood

In Tokyo there was a flood. Tokyo is one of the perfect city in Japan right....But not so perfect
In Tokyo, the kids and parents didn’t  know that there is a flood heading their way. There were parents that were worried about important things in their houses so, they started putting them up high so it doesn’t get wet. Mum was shouting “come and help me you lazy kids.”

Tom is 10 years old and he lives in Tokyo too. His parent and himself was the first ones to know the flood was going to them. Tom likes to jump in waters like the pools and the beaches.

As Tom jumped into the water, he was happy, but as soon as he hit the water his heart was beating so quickly he wanted to get out because he was embarrassed people was teasing him and calling him names. He felt two hands lifting him up and it was his mum. Looking so angry his mum and took him inside as quick as she can so she can help him.

They made it into the house and mum was so angry so she growled him.

Monday, 15 October 2012

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

My 50 Words Story About Richard Whitehead

Richard Whitehead is a awesome Great Britain Athlete from the Paralympics. Winning a gold medal at the Paralympics made him happy for himself. With his flag he ran around the track swinging it and waving.The crowd goes so wild like animals that they almost jumped out onto the track.

Here is my recording

Monday, 10 September 2012

My Story about The Famous Tommy Kapai Wilson

Friday was incredibly awesome because we got to meet an amazing story writer that was maori.He’s 

name was Tommy Kapai Wilson.As we walked into the hall we saw him on the stage putting some books and some piture things.

Telling the school about his family was kinda fun.He told us that in his family, there are 11 kids.While we were listening to him talking, he told us a story about what jobs he had to work for like (Being a Butler and working for some people that are rich.

Asking us a question was cool because he asked us what is a Butler and this boy from my class called Iisa answered and said “It’s someone who gives you whatever you want whenever you want it” and he said “aaaaa Kapai”.The other answers  were wrong and every time someone say something that is wrong he say’s “aaaaa Kao” and then we will laugh.

I had so much fun meeting Tommy Kapai Wilson.I had a lot of fun and he made us laugh and smile.That is what makes him funny and amazing.

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Practice re-crafting Aldoras Paragraph

This is Aldoras Blog where you can see more of her storys

Today we practiced recrafting a piece of writing.The first paragraph belongs to Aldora and the second one is mine.

As we were getting near some more puddles, I realised that the track was dangerous. Jogging carefully down the slippery stairs I nearly slipped but luckily I held onto the tree. I was happily saved by the tree.

As I ran up towards the stairs, I reached some-more muddy puddles.Looking down at my shoes, they were all dirty and gross.  “Wow this is a very scary and yucky race” I thought to myself as I ran through the squishy grass.

Monday, 27 August 2012

My Liu Xiang Story

Before the race I was thinking, I have to win otherwise the people in China will hate me and try to kill me. Feeling nervous and scared, I waved to the crowd before I started running over the hurdles.

While I was running, I crashed to the floor just on my first hurdle because I hit my leg. As I fell, I thought to myself that my goal was over and I might just have to give up on this and retire.

Painfully my leg was sore and badly hurt. My Achilles Tendon felt broken and I think that my bone was cracked and I couldn’t stand on it. I felt so embarrassed because the crowd was looking at me sitting on the floor.

I was feeling so shy and nervous as I hopped my way down the track and straight out of the stadium as fast as I could.My leg was feeling so sore and uncomfortable while I was hopping.When I was in the tunnel, one of the officialscame up to me and said “You are not allowed to be in here right now” so I turned and walk out of the tunnel.

I hopped all the way track and went to the last hurdle and kissed it.Two of the people that was racing me came and helped me to the finish line.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

My Groups Pentathlon Prsentation

Here is a little something that my group made

Here is me & my group showing our presentation

Pentathlon Presentation from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.


Thursday, 16 August 2012

My group's Usain Bolt Story

Waiting, primed for the gun Usain Bolt put his head down and he balanced on the blocks.Do you think he will win?.Ready for glory after years of training.

As a gifted Athlete,Usain focuses on the finish line.Ready to run he heard the crowd representing him.

With joy and celebration,Usain Bolt respect Jamaica.No one is geeater then him.He is the world’s greast sprint chapion.Will he return to the olympic in 2016.

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

My groups Scrabble

                                     Here is something that my group made  

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

My Sentence Builder

Here is Something that I made called Sentence Builder.

Here is a Picture of Champions

Friday, 10 August 2012

My Panasonic Story

Fridays are cool, but this Friday it was so awesome and incredible because this man called Paul came from the company called Panasonic.He actually came because my class Room 13 won a prize. Obviously prizes are cool, especially technology. We won a competition called KWN, where we had to make a storyboard.

The prize that my class got was a Panasonic video camera, two Panasonic microphones, three Panasonic rugby balls and a Panasonic Memory Card. Getting all those prizes was amazing because we can do stuff with them. He also talked about how room 13 worked hard on making their storyboard.. After that they took some pictures with two boys from my class holding the prizes and my teacher and also the Panasonic man Paul.

Thursday, 9 August 2012

My Cross Country Recount

Not everyone was loving the exercise we were getting from Cross Country practice. Sadly, we had to do it anyway. Hearts were beating fast as we walked to the courts to get ready.

Running on the concrete,some of the kids were feeling angry, nervous and even bored. Some people were walking. As I was passing my friends they said “Teachers are so mean because they make us run this. I was thinking in my head that maybe the teachers will run with us, but no.

I felt so tired and I was also struggling to breathe so I went to take a drink.I really hope next time it will be two laps around wherever we are running to .My Cross Country goal is running faster and faster, never giving up and not stopping.

My Groups Animation With Words

Here is something that my group had done with words

Rowing Medalist from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

You can click on this this URL so you can look at more things

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Monday, 30 July 2012

My Olympic Torch Story

Olympic flame
they a
a flame

The Olympic flame started at the ancient Olympic at Olympia in Greece. The flame is ignited by the sun and burns until the games concludes.

olympic city
the flame
4 months
lit my the sun
curve mirror
runner to runner
games have completed
white roub
host city
now a days

Now a days some women that wear white robes light up the torch in olympia.Using this curved mirror they put it on the floor then let the sun shine on it.Gently the woman passes the fire on from runner to runner to take to the host city.

a light
most important
a light
the flame
has then

They light the torch up in the stadium for the opening ceremony. During the ceremony it is still on and it sometimes run-out.
The people at the stadium let the torch burn until all the games concludes.

Thursday, 28 June 2012

My Think Hat Sentences

I enjoyed painting,drawing and also the art activities that we did.

What I didn’t enjoy was having to stop painting and drawing.

The thing that I learn’t more about was Kandinsky and his artworks.

Overall I feel really amazed that we had this awesome term.

What I found interesting was learning more about art.

I could have worked better on cleaning  my mess after painting.

Monday, 25 June 2012

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

My Graffiti Stack Movie

Jennifer's Graffiti Stack Movie from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

This is my graffiti stack movie.It is starring me and the thing that I am doing is drawing my name then rubbing it off.


Wednesday, 6 June 2012

My Music Beats

I love making music beats at school and lots of places.
I made my music beats from this instrument thing witch
is called Garage band.
It is awesome because it has lots of different instrument.

Her is one that I made and putted it as a movie

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

My Reflection Story

When I was painting my artwork I kept working hard so I can finish my artwork. I followed the instructions that my teacher told me to do. During my painting I accidentally put two of the pink next to each other when I wasn’t allowed to. I definitely used clear bold black lines to help me colour my parts separately.Gently I blended my colors with water to make it go dark the light so it looks beautiful.

The thing that I did well was blending the colors together to make it look pretty not ugly and horrible.I need to work better on putting the colors separately in different places so it does not look ugly.What I was enjoying when I was painting was that we got to blend the colors with water.The thing that I did not enjoy was that we had to draw different shapes and lines.The thing that was so hard to do right was making it go dark then light.
My artwork looked incredible and amazing.

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

My Kandinsky Story

Wasley Kandinsky was born in Moscow, Russia on December 16 1866.
His mother was a homemaker and his father was a tea merchant.

synaesthesia cognate
early age
special gift
hair colour
see sounds

From an early age Wasley exhibited a special gift called synaesthesia cognate.
This gift gave him the ability to hear colour and see sounds.


Kandinsky studied economics and laws at University of Moscow before he became a professor. Three years later he moved to Munich,Germany and started to study about art. Initially Kandinsky was interested in creating sketches of human bodies.

study art
Human bodies

Once the First World War started Kandinsky moved from Germany to Switzerland and lastly he returned back to his homeland Moscow.He used colours and continued creating impressionist artworks.

First World War

After the the First World War Kandinsky went back to Germany and started drawing abstract art, straight lines,curve,circles and all sorts of shapes.

Kandinsky traveled for the last time to France in 1933 when the Nazis took over his art school. Wassily lived there until he died in 1944.