Tuesday, 13 March 2012

My Story about a Baby Aardvark and Mom at Brookfield Zoo

Have you seen a Baby Aardvark and the Mum at Brookfield Zoo?,
Well this is the one chance to see it because I am going to show you.

I was watching a movie of a Baby Aardvark eating with the mum.It was
sniffing around in it habitat a looking for some food to eat.
While it was doing that,the Zoo keeper came and feed it with milk and
started patting it.
After all that feeding the mum came along from the side and she started
sniffing around in there house.
The little Aardvark ran to the mum and sniffed her then sniffed the ground.
Next the mum went to the bush and sniffed there while the little baby was
scratching it self.
Then the baby went to the mum and started sniffing there then they got tired
and it was dark.
Finally the Baby Aardvark and the Mum went to sleep and when the baby was
sleeping it scratched its stomach and the mum cuddled the baby to make it warm.

My Story about Dr Ben Carson

Do you know Dr Ben Carson?
Well the Year 5 - 8 students went to the Telstra Clear Pacific
Events Centre to hear him speak.

Ben Carson talked about his movie that he made and it was in 1961.
It was about a little boy that was the dummest in his class.

He got bulled one day because they were doing this class thing and
he got all his answers wrong.On that lunch time the bully came and he
made him angry and then he punched him in the face with the lock for his

He made the bully ended up with a stitch on his mouth and the parents of
the bully was angry.The little boys mum came and talk to the principal and
the principal explained what happened at school.
   They started walking home and the mum was mad at him and he said the
he is dum but the mum said the he isn’t dum like that.As they got home he
went and watch T.V and the mum saw him and went to turn off the T.V.

He started studying and he said to his mum that he wants to be a doctor
in the future so he worked harder and harder until he was the brainiest in
his class and he finally got a D for his report because those other days he
kept on getting a F and E for his report.

He grew up and started working as a hospital doctor. This man came to him
and said if he can go to this country to go and see these two identical twins.
The two twins head was stuck together and the brain of the baby's were halved
and stuck together.

The mother of the baby’s cried because the doctor said that he isn’t going to fixed
the baby’s head.After he thought about it and he went to that man and said yes
he is going to fixed the baby’s head so he work with some doctors and he tried his
best to fix it and he did it,he fix the brain and the head.

People started calling him the best neural Sergent in the world because he fixed
the split the identical twins head in to two child's.He made the mother of the baby’s
happy and excited that she wanted to see her twins.

Dr Ben Carson is a famous person because he fixed the two identical twins head
and that is how he became famous and the world’s best neural Sergent.

My Maths Slide Show

Hello everyone,
This is my slide show about maths.
This shows my 6 Time Tables from 1 to 12.

My KSST paragraph

"A spoon that melted,that is maybe not real"
But I watched a movie of  a spoon made out of GALLIUM that looks
like it is metal.
First he tested out the the spoon to show that it is like metal.When he
dropped it,it sounded like it was actual metal but it wasn't.
Then he went and got a cup of hot water and put it on the bench and
he got the spoon and twirled it around in the cup.Then some of the spoon
on the bottom came off.
Next most of the spoon was coming off then he dropped the rest of it in to
the cup.
After that he picked up the cup and moved it side ways and that and all you
can see in the cup is the melted spoon moving around
I found it so incredible and fantastic.

I hope you like my story of the Melted Gallium Spoon.
Thank you!!

Friday, 2 March 2012

My Picnic Story

                              Playing with clay is a lot of fun because you can make lots of stuff with
it.I made a big ball of clay and a cup.It wasn’t that hard to make cup,
all you had to do is find some clay and wet it until it is soft then role it.
After that rip some clay of and make a curved stick then make a hole in
the middle and start curving in side and that is how you make a cup out
of clay.
Isn’t it fun to make a sand castle?
Because I made a massive volcano with these two boy.We connected the
volcano to a castle by making a line in the middle .we put some water
on the line and around the castle and volcano.We even put water on the
top of the volcano to make it look like it really erupted. 
Eating my lunch was so yummy.Before I ate my lunch I went and play then
I got hungry and climbed up the cliff and ran to the toilet to wash my hand
then went to my bag to eat my lunch and that is why I was hungry.