Wednesday, 2 September 2015

How To Prevent Yourself From Getting Sick

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Winter is the time of year that many people become sick. This is for various reasons. The main factor being the temperature because when your body is cold, it gets numb and you can’t really control anything. This explanation will prevent you from getting sick.

One way to prevent yourself from getting sick, is by getting the flu shot… The flu shot, also known as the Influenza Vaccine is a annual vaccination that you can get once a year to protect your body from getting the flu virus. It only prevents you from getting sick for a year and then your not protected anymore… Unless you get it again the next year then that will be fine.

Another way is, wearing warm clothes. For the reason that, if you don’t wear proper clothing, you can easily get sick and you would feel cold.
Just like how I said in the introduction, your body will get numb and you won’t be able to function it properly. Also you won’t be able to move and feel your body.

Another way to keep yourself from getting sick is to stay healthy and strong. How is that? By what you eat and what goes into your bodies. All the food that you eat, has nutrition and good vitamin in it. Make sure that what you are eating is perfectly cooked, it is good for you, it is the right food to eat and it is not cooked wrong.
The main thing to eat when you are sick, is lemon. Why? because it soothes your throat, it helps your body heal and it has Vitamin C in it which is good for your body.

Another way of keeping well is by washing your hands… It is important to wash your hands because you can get germs and when you do, it spreads. How? By everything you touch and by everyone you touch… Everything you touch, everyone else touches it too and then they get your germs that you put on there.
One good thing is to use hand sanitizer every time you feel like you need it and when you touch things that are dirty. You shouldn't just keep playing around with the hand sanitizer because it will be a waste.
Another way is to keep your body clean and moisturized. Why? Because if you don’t, then you can sick with diseases and your body will start growing dirty things on it. So always have a shower and scrub your body properly.

That is how you can prevent yourself from getting sick… That is also the advice i’m giving to you to help you. If you ever get sick, remember all these things you can do to help your body keep well and healthy.


Paige said...

Hello Jennifer
What an amazing explanation.
I really liked the way that you explained things futher insted of saying something that would confuse people. You are a really talented writer. I can't wait for more pieces of writing.

Mary said...

Hi Jennifer,
This is a great piece of writing. Yes it WAS winter and a lot of people we're getting sick. But it is now spring and the leaves are shining. Your writing is really interesting.
keep up the exciting work!

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