Thursday, 5 November 2015

Writing Recount - Term 4

Finally term 2 was coming to an end. It was the last day of the term and it was an awesome last day of the term… We had everything planned for what we were going to do after school, what things we were going to buy, how much money we had to chip in, and where we were going to chill out at.

Making the most of it with my friends, we played, played, played and kept changing the games we were playing. I was getting pretty tired from running around and my legs were getting sore from kicking the hard rugby ball around.

Filling a lot of things, I just couldn't wait for the day to end. It was the bright, hot and sunny day that made me feel that way. But at the same time, I felt a bit sad because after everything we wouldn't see each other until 2 weeks.

The day ended and everyone was running around wild while leaving school. Me and my friends were excited to have our feed. But the one thing was, picking the foods we were going to eat. We chipped in and ended up with a lot of money… Just the right amount we needed.

On our way to the shopping centre, we decided to change our clothes because we remembered what our teacher said about walking around with our uniforms on. So we turned to our friends house (where we were going to have our feed) to change our clothes then we left to the shopping centre.

Arriving, we huddled up and then split to get all the things we needed. We were getting pizza, fizzy drinks, chicken and chips, and lollies. I was getting the pizza with one of my friends.

As we went, we ordered and then walked to a store close to the pizza shop because my friends auntie worked there. When we entered the store, we went to talk to the auntie and my friend asked for some money. She gave us about $35 - $40 dollars to buy us extra things.. So we bought some more fizzy drinks and some more pizza.

Getting the orders and things, we met up in the centre of the shopping centre and then made our way back to my friends house. When we got there, we just settled at the park that was in her road and had our feed there.

I didn't really eat because I wanted to play on the the large rope swing and the other objects like I was a little 5 year old again. As I was playing, my friends decided to join in and play with me which made it more fun and cool. We played tag and all these other little games to make the fun keep going.

Running out of energy and breath, I stopped and had a little brake. I had a little drink and a little snack and then continued playing but then after a while, we got bored and just lied down on the grass.

As much as we were having fun, each of us started to go home because we didn't realise that time was going quick. So the rest of us packed our things and headed home. But before that, we decided that we were going to have another feed at the end of term 3.

At home, I went into my room and laid down in my bed thinking back at what a good day I had. I couldn't wait to see my friends after 2 weeks so we can talk about our holiday and more cool things to plan for us.

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